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Josh Oxford graduated in 2007 with a degree in percussion performance from Ithaca College. Seeking an outlet for his keyboard playing and love of vintage keyboards and synthesizers, Josh started a jazz quintet, consisting of drums, bass, vibes, trumpet, and Oxford on keyboards. The OXtet quickly evolved into something far more devious than simply playing jazz standards. Over the years guitar and sax was added to fill out the ensemble and create the unique blend of acoustic and electronic instruments. The music takes from the rhythmic complexities inherent in the music of Frank Zappa and the Mahavishnu Orchestra; the funk aspects of 80s Miles Davis; and compositional techniques used in modern classical music, such as atonality and 12-Tone serialism. The ensemble mainly uses Ithaca College students to perform the music, after Josh’s tragic car accident. Occasionally the original group will perform in the Ithaca area.

The OXtet

The OXtet Live!